Heimir Björgúlfsson & Jonas Ohlsson
'fur your bears only' CD
Bottrop-Boy Records
b-boy 016
released 2003 in Kleve, Germany

1. fur your bears only
2. give blues some us
3. grizzly elliot
4. endjh onny
5. my arse glitches
6. disco exhibition
7. hibernate
8. strawberry bearclaw

All done by Heimir Björgúlfsson & Jonas Ohlsson, with Xander Karskens on turntable in track 8. Samples in track 1 taken from 'Iwo & The Bears', courtesy of Bear Work.

Recorded and mixed in Amsterdam, Xiamen, Los Angeles and Reykjavík 2001 - 2003. Mastered by Curver. Layout by Meeuw.