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Heimir Björgúlfsson - Selected discography:

'Arctic Tropic Trash Soundtracks' CD
-Limited edition of 111 signed and numbered copies. Los Angeles/Houston. 2009 (no number)

'King Glitch' CD in collaboration with Jonas Ohlsson
-Crónica, Porto. 2005 (crónica 018)

'Still Important Somekind Not Normally Seen(Always Not Unfinished)' CD
in collaboration with Pimmon and Helgi Thorsson
-Crónica, Porto. 2004 (crónica 014)

'fur your bears only' CD in collaboration with Jonas Ohlsson
-Bottrop-Boy Records, Kleve. 2003 (b-boy 016)

'stream conversation at the bottom of a river/moving inwards to colder waters/passing out in calmness'
b/w 'wind conversation at the surface of a frozen river/moving outwards to salt tasting grounds/ending in a spiral loop'
accompanied with 'thermochromic island' art edition by Olafur Eliasson.
-EN/OF, Kleve. 2002 (en/of 02)

'unspoken word tour' CD in collaboration with Jonas Ohlsson
-Staalplaat/Extrapool, Amsterdam/Nijmegen. 2002 (brombron 04)

'machine natura(an interpretation inconsistent with the actuality of a situation)' CD
-Staalplaat, Amsterdam. 2001 (STCD148)

'circulations' LP
-ERS Records, Amsterdam. 2001(ers12/06)

'discreet journey digitalis' CD
accompanied with 'MOBILIS in MOBILI, Motto of Captain Nemo' text by Mike Tyler.
-Ritornell/Mille Plateaux, Frankfurt. 2000 (rit18)

'the opposite' 3" mini CD, Amsterdam. 1999 (

Compilation appearances:

'Obmam Ognom'
on 'Escaping From Color' CD
-Quasi Pop, Kiev. 2008 (QPOP CD045)

'stream conversation at the bottom of a river/moving inwards to colder waters/passing out in calmness'
on 'EN/OF 001 - 030' triple CD and book
-EN/OF/Museum Kurhaus, Kleve. 2005 (en/of cat)

'Once window through' on 'TV Pow: Burned Bridges and Lost Loves' double CD
-Bottrop Boy Records, Kleve. 2005 (b-boy 023)

'Bridge over river Glitch' in collaboration with Jonas Ohlsson
on 'Mind The Gap' Volume 56 CD
-Gonzo Circus, Brussels. 2005 (GC064)

'Thanks for nothing' in collaboration with Jonas Ohlsson
on 'Essays on Radio: Can I have 2 minutes of your time?' CD
-Crónica, Porto. 2005 (crónica 020)

'iets' on 'This Place is Dreaming' CD
-Argos editions, Brussels. 2004 (KO047)

'munnur', 'handleggur', 'hendi', 'fótleggur', 'eyra' on 'yokomono' lockgroove LP
-Staalplaat, Amsterdam. 2004 (no number)

'the give jingle' on "Soundcultures' 3"CD and book
-Suhrkamp Verlag/Mille Plateaux, Frankfurt. 2003 (edition suhrkamp 2303)

'playing golf in a burned bird costume' on 'OFFF03 Who is your superhero?' double CD
-Red Musical, Barcelona. 2003 (red001)

'spiral loop' (for repeated playback mode) on 'cuts00' double CD
-Fylkingen, Stockholm. 2002 (FYCD 1019)

'fur your bears only' version#2 in collaboration with Jonas Ohlsson
on 'A Bear Garden' presented by Iwo and The Bears CD
-Bear Work, Stockholm. 2001 (no number)

'oh, maybe later(my main man)' on 'degradazione' mp3 internet release
-microsuoni, Murlo. 2001 (no number)

'hver' on 'lockERS' lockgroove LP
-ERS Records, Amsterdam. 2000 (ers 12/07)

The Vacuum Boys releases:

'Space Breakdance Challenge' CD e.p.
-Takashi Mobile, Amsterdam. 2004 (tm001)

'The Vacuum Boys Play Songs from the Sea of Love' CD, Amsterdam. 2002 (

Stilluppsteypa releases (1992-2002):

'Stories part five' CD
-Ritornell/Mille Plateaux, Frankfurt. 2001 (rit24)

'We are everyone in the room' CD in collaboration with TV Pow, with artwork by Leif Elggren
-Erstwhile Records, New Jersey. 2001 (erstwhile 016)

'not a laughing matter but rather a matter of laughs' CD e.p., Amsterdam. 2000 (

'Interferences are ofter requested: reverse tendency as parts nearly become nothing' CD
-Ritornell/Mille Plateaux, Frankfurt. 1999 (rit07)

'mort aux vaches' CD
-Staalplaat, Amsterdam. 1998 (no number)

'has (or has not) happened' CD
-meme, Tokyo. 1998 (meme005)

'reduce by reducing' 12"single/CD e.p. including remix by Ryoji Ikeda, Amsterdam. 1998 (

'the best pet possible' CD with artwork by People Like Us
-Staalplaat, Amsterdam. 1997 (kip 010)

'tpith or tetapth' in collaboration with CD, Reykjavík. 1997 (

'one side mona lisa - the front side only' CD e.p. including remixes by Matt Wand and The Hafler Trio, Reykjavík. 1996 (

'important anti-art dances' split 10" e.p. with Melt Banana
-SOME, Reykjavík. 1996 (some05)

'that would be' split sawblade shaped 7" single with The Hafler Trio
-Musical Tragedies, Fürth. 1996 (MT-345)

'keep checking speed and completeness of urineflow cut-off' 7" e.p.
-Obuh Records, Lublin. 1995 (V12)

'Nova Disco' 7" e.p.
-Destroy All Music, Cardiff. 1995 (DAM40/S3)

'Car dirty with jam on a busy street' LP/Audiocassette
-Very Good Records, Dortmund/Obuh Records, Lublin. 1995 (very good 5/C37)

'A taxi to Tijuana' 7" single
-Drunken Fish Records, Los Angeles. 1994 (DF-14)

'Inside AM' b/w 'Make Star Shine' 7" single in collaboration with Curver, Reykjavík. 1994 (

'Til eru hljóð' Audiocassette
-Chocolate Monk, Blackburn. 1993 (choc.7)

'Self titled' 7" flexi e.p.
-Gallery Krunk, Reykjavík. 1992 (gk5)

Stilluppsteypa compilation appearances (1992-2002):

'Paint it Black' on 'Painted Black' CD
-tUMULt, San Francisco. 2003 (no number)

'nice things to file away' on 'Tigerbeat6 Inc.' double CD
-Tigerbeat6, Oakland. 2001 (MEOW12)

'unpredictable drunkness of the elves' on 'machinelle strategeme' CD
-Ritornell/Mille Plateaux, Frankfurt. 2000 (rit10)

'kort kort kredit, bænagjörðir og trommusóló' in collaboration with Magnús Pálsson
on 'Motorlab #1' CD
-Kitchen Motors/Bad Taste Ltd., Reykjavík. 2000 (SM/KM 1)

'confused bear thrown into the sea' on 'clicks_+_cuts' double CD/triple LP
-Mille Plateaux, Frankfurt. 2000 (MP079)

'untitled' on 'lockERS' lockgrove LP
-ERS Records, Amsterdam. 2000 (ers 12/07)

'untitled' on 'Goem: Extensie' CD
-Noise Museum, Dijon. 2000 (NM 072047)

'simuleren voorsnijvork' on 'The Cocktail Event' CD
-Staalplaat, Amsterdam. 1998 (STCD 042)

'audible (by hand)' on 'meme' CD
-meme, Tokyo. 1998 (meme000)

'onvermijdelijk uitkomen' on 'Staalplaat Cocktail' 3" CD
-Staalplaat, Amsterdam. 1997 (no number)

'international uncle institute' on 'The Art of Marginal Talent' 5" record and CD
-Marginal Talent, Fürth. 1997 (MT 326)

'an example of measurement stated first' on 'My Baby does Good Sculptures' CD accompaning Bananafish Magazine #12
-Tedium House Publications, San Francisco. 1997 (BF12)

'söngr söngl' on 'Drobtinice Upanja' benefit CD
-Nuclear Sun Punk, Bologna. 1994 (no number)

'söngr söngl' and 'riðuveiki' on 'F.I.R.E.' CD, Reykjavík. 1993 (

'the dish song' on 'Mutual Lacunas for Born again Lovers' Audiocasette
-Chocolate Monk, Blackburn. 1993 (choc.1)

'nújó hújó bjúbést' on 'Núll & Nix' double CD
-Bad Taste Ltd., Reykjavík. 1993 (no number)

Mr.Maggó releases:

'Gullbokkan' 7" e.p.
-PVF, Reykjavík. 1996 (pvf01)